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Hart descendants are proud of their Appalachian roots
Tracing Our Appalachian
Hart Roots
Specifically for the Scotch-Irish Hart descendants of Ashe County and Wake County North Carolina, Boone County, Roane County, Nicholas County, Webster County, West Virginia. This particular branch of the Hart tree has found its roots in West Virginia, Ohio and North Carolina, but younger generations have ultimately spread all over the map. Some Hart in West Virginia have Native American blood, but do not have a historical tribal association, and many Hart have mixed blood, that is, ancestry of different races in addition to Native American.

There isn't sufficient time to elaborate on all of the Harts and connecting lines and it is the intent on this web site and linked pages to describe some of the direct ancestors - father, grandparents, great-grandparents etc. of Stephen Cherokee Hart 1810 / 1896, Kelly Hart 1844 / 1913 and Samuel Laszlo Hart 1877 / 1935 as well as information on some of the more colorful, HARTS and related individuals and families.
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Appalachian Trail
Appalachian Trail

Appalachian Hart's Family Tree
This website is dedicated to all the descendants of James Hart.

This tree has been compiled using sources of documentation that have been provided by present-day family members. The files below are grouped by the oldest known family member (progenitor) of the family. I strives to present the most accurate data available, however, the information here should not be taken as "Gospel". I encourage all the family members to do some of the research on your own and send me any Pictures or information of family members.

Lucinda Flanagan Lucky and
Samuel Laszlo Hart Children

Lucinda Flanagan Lucky Parents & Siblings

Lucinda Flanagan Lucky Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles

Photographs of arrowPhotographs - Spring
Lucinda Flanagan Lucky Hart Family Tree
Lucinda Flanagan Lucky  Hart Photograph
Lucinda Flanagan Lucky married Samuel L. Hart August 29, 1899 in Webster County, West Virginia.
Oldest son of Lucinda and Samuel Hart. Photograph - Bruce Kelly Hart and Wilda Woods
Bruce Kelly Hart Born 20 February 1902, Camden On Gauley,
Webster County, West Virginia

Lucinda Flanagan Lucky Parents & Siblings

Harriett Lucinda Law
birth: 1806 Pennsylvania
death: 1850 Washington Township,
 Monroe Co., Ohio

spouse: John Flanagan
birth: 1802
death: 1861 Ohio

1. Child: william L. Flanagan
birth: 1825

2. Child: Emanuel Flanagan
birth: 1827

3. Child: Calvin M. Flanagan
birth: 1829

4. Child: James H. Flanagan
birth: 1830
death: 1892

5. Child: Thomas J. Flanagan
birth: 1832

6. Child: Elizabeth A. Flanagan
birth: 1834
death: 1915 

7. Child: Sarah J. Flanagan
birth: 1839
death: 1924 

8. Child: Lucinda L. Flanagan
birth: 1841

(1) Our Hart family heritage has its known roots in the early history of West Virginia back into the mid 1700s.

(2) Most researchers agree that there is Indian blood (Cherokee or Catawba) in the Hart line. James Hart (ABT. 1765 / 1824) married Catherine Sizemore which generated Cherokee blood in the Hart line.

(3) Our Hart ancestry seems to come from Ireland and Scotland and migrated to areas in West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina.

(4) Few things historians and scholars can agree on, but majority of them agree that Nancy Hart (Confederate Spy) was born circa 1846, she grew up near the mouth of the Triplett Run Creek, Roane County in western Virginia and her parent is Stephen and Mary Hart of Roane County.

I have been researching my family tree and this tree is a done as a gift to my mother and the descendants of James Hart. It will be left as a legacy to my descendants The Hart Family of Ashe County North Carolina to West Virginia.

I can trace back to JAMES HART SR (ABT. 1730 / 1810) and Morgan Elizabeth. This line of the Hart Family is based around West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina. It involves many surnames such as Haley, Lucky, Sizemore, Plumley, Forga, Tyo, Ignatius, Mullens, Cool, Woods, for a few. It is said, though with little documentation, that there is a Cherokee descent. Our Hart ancestry seems to come from Ireland and Scotland and migrated to areas in West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina.

First Generation
JAMES HART SR (ABT. 1730 / 1810)
But now there is a mystery to be solved for the many Hart researchers who are descendants of the JAMES HART SR. Who were his ancestors?
Morgan Elizabeth (Born ABT. ????)

Name Birth / Died Town or City County State
ANNA ELIZABETH HART 1750 / 1820 LOGAN County Virginia
JAMES HART JR 1765 / 1824 Ashe County North Caroline
Second Generation
James Hart (ABT. 1765 / 1824)
Catherine Sizemore (Born ABT. 1771 / 1861)

Catherine Sizemore who married James Hart was of Cherokee origin, her father is Ned Sizemore.
Name Birth / Died Town or City County State
Ned Hart ca: 1783 / ???? Ashe County North Caroline
MARGERY Hart ca: 1785 / 1861 Ashe County North Caroline
John Hart ca: 1787 / 1859 Ashe County North Caroline
CATHARINE Hart ca: 1790 / 1858 Ashe County North Caroline
Sam Hart ca: 1805 / ???? Ashe County North Caroline
Washington Hart ca: 1800 / ???? Ashe County North Caroline

Third Generation
John Hart 1787 / 1859
Nancy FLOYD (b. ca. 1786 / d. 1879)
Children of John Hart and Nancy FLOYD
Name Birth / Died Town or City County State
Stephen Hart abt. 1810 / 1896 Ashe County North Carolina
James Hart abt. 1814 / 1847 Ashe County North Carolina
Margarett Hart abt. 1816 / ???? Ashe County North Carolina
Catharine Hart abt. 1829 / ???? Sturgills Ashe County North Carolina
Riley Hart abt. 1831 / ???? Ashe County North Carolina
Joseph Hart abt. 1833 / 1863 Ashe County North Carolina
Andrew HART abt. 1835 / 1863 Ashe County North Carolina
Fourth Generation
Stephen Hart 1810 / October 04, 1896
Mary Plumley 1812 /
Children of Stephen Hart and Mary Plumley
NameBirth/Death DateTown or City  CountyState
Jane abt. 1833   Virginia       (Female)
Martha abt. 1834   Virginia       (Female)
James abt. 1836 / May 9, 1864    Virginia       (Male)
Charity abt. 1837 / 16 Jul 1869    Virginia       (Female)
William abt. 1840 / 1853    Virginia       (Male)
Kelly abt. 1844 / 9, Oct. 1913  Logan/Boone Co.Virginia       (Male)
Nancy abt. 1846 / ? Logan/Boone Co.Virginia       (Female)  Confederate Spy!
Floyd abt. 1847  Boone County Virginia       (Male)
Catherine abt. 1849 / 1942 Boone County Virginia       (Female)
Dolliver abt. 1851  Boone County Virginia       (Female)
Rebecca abt. 1853  Boone County Virginia        (Female)
Salina abt. 1855 / Oct. 04,1896  Boone County Virginia        (Female)
John abt. 1857 Spencer Roane County Virginia        (Male)
Fifth Generation
Kelly Hart 1844 / 1913
Sarah Haley 1848 / 1910
Children of Kelly Hart and Sarah Haley
NameBirth DateTown or CityCountyState
Martha Ann Hart 1868 / 1955 Spencer Roane County W. Va.  (Daughter)
Sophronia D HART 1870 / 1944 Spencer  Roane, County W. Va.   (Daughter)
Mary E HART 1873 / ---- Spencer Roane County W. Va.   (Daughter)
Casandra HART 1875 / ---- Spencer Roane County W. Va.   (Daughter)
Samuel L Hart 1877 / 1935 Spencer Roane County W. Va.   (Son)
Ida F. HART 1880 / ---- Spencer Roane County W. Va.   (Daughter)
Sanford T. Hart 1882 / ---- Spencer Roane County W. Va.   (Son)
Elvilda S. Hart 1885 / ---- Spencer Roane County W. Va.   (Daughter)
Greely Hart 1889 / ---- Spencer Roane County W. Va.   Son