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Specifically for the Scotch-Irish Hart descendants of Ashe County and Wake County North Carolina, Boone County, Roane County, Nicholas County, Webster County, West Virginia. This particular branch of the Hart tree has found its roots in West Virginia, Ohio and North Carolina, but younger generations have ultimately spread all over the map. Some Hart in West Virginia have Native American blood, but do not have a historical tribal association, and many Hart have mixed blood, that is, ancestry of different races in addition to Native American.

Lucinda Flanagan Lucky and
Samuel Laszlo Hart Children

Lucinda Flanagan Lucky Parents & Siblings

Lucinda Flanagan Lucky Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles

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Lucinda Flanagan Lucky Hart Family Tree
Lucinda Flanagan Lucky  Hart Photograph
Lucinda Flanagan Lucky married Samuel L. Hart August 29, 1899 in Webster County, West Virginia.
Oldest son of Lucinda and Samuel Hart. Photograph - Bruce Kelly Hart and Wilda Woods
Bruce Kelly Hart Born 20 February 1902, Camden On Gauley,
Webster County, West Virginia

Lucinda Flanagan Lucky Parents & Siblings

Harriett Lucinda Law
birth: 1806 Pennsylvania
death: 1850 Washington Township,
 Monroe Co., Ohio

spouse: John Flanagan
birth: 1802
death: 1861 Ohio

1. Child: william L. Flanagan
birth: 1825

2. Child: Emanuel Flanagan
birth: 1827

3. Child: Calvin M. Flanagan
birth: 1829

4. Child: James H. Flanagan
birth: 1830
death: 1892

5. Child: Thomas J. Flanagan
birth: 1832

6. Child: Elizabeth A. Flanagan
birth: 1834
death: 1915 

7. Child: Sarah J. Flanagan
birth: 1839
death: 1924 

8. Child: Lucinda L. Flanagan
birth: 1841

(1) Our Hart family heritage has its known roots in the early history of West Virginia back into the mid 1700s.

(2) Most researchers agree that there is Indian blood (Cherokee or Catawba) in the Hart line. James Hart (ABT. 1765 / 1824) married Catherine Sizemore which generated Cherokee blood in the Hart line.

(3) Our Hart ancestry seems to come from Ireland and Scotland and migrated to areas in West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina.

(4) Few things historians and scholars can agree on, but majority of them agree that Nancy Hart (Confederate Spy) was born circa 1846, she grew up near the mouth of the Triplett Run Creek, Roane County in western Virginia and her parent is Stephen and Mary Hart of Roane County.